Next level commercial turf care

CEORA™ is an autonomous mowing solution that is changing the world of commercial turf care. This ground-breaking innovation is easy to use and has a very large area capacity. It’s also low in noise and emission-free when in use.

Covering more turf than ever
When it comes to handling large turf areas, CEORA™ leaves nothing to be desired. A flexible solution that covers areas up to 75.000 m² and exceeds the demands on time, turf quality and usability.
Cutting both turf and costs
Compared to traditional mowing of larger areas, CEORA™ offers an opportunity for more sustainable and cost-efficient operations with significant savings on labour and equipment costs.
Systematic mowing for winning results
Cutting systematically in parallel tracks means CEORA™ is equally efficient whether managing football pitches or any other large green space. By only cutting a small amount each time with frequent, systematic high precision, the results are perfect.
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CEORA™ – the system

CEORA™ robotic mower is a modular system that allows you to select the combination that best suits your operations. The innovative split design features a drive unit and a front unit.

Everything you want to know about CEORA™

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Cut quality

Pro sports quality – up to 25.000 m²
For sports fields and golf courses, CEORA™ is the ultimate solution for top grass quality and low cutting height. CEORA™ manages several football pitches in a cost-efficient and professional way. Mows daily for a match-ready, lush and dense turf.

Pro quality – up to 50.000 m²
For sports fields and golf courses with second-best ambition levels or facilities with high demands on grass quality. CEORA™ mows every second day – delivering medium grass height and normal dense quality of the turf.

Regular quality – up to 75.000 m²
For lawns with lower demands on grass growth, grass height and normal to low dense quality. CEORA™ mows the area twice per week. 

Cost efficiency

When it comes to cutting quality and reduced costs, CEORA™ is extraordinary. It does the work of up to 12 Automower® robotic mowers. And compared to conventional ride-on mowers the savings on labour and maintenance are clear. This translates into lower cost of ownership while bringing more efficiency and consistency to your overall maintenance process.

 Product and area costs3 x 8,000 m2*, CEORA™ 546 + Razor 43M2 x 8,000 m2**, CEORA™ 544 + Razor 43M
Yearly cost of investment (incl. purchase and installation)€ 4,092€ 3,566
Yearly maintenance  cost (incl. spare parts, service and electricity)***€ 1,912€ 1,783
Total yearly cost€ 6,004€ 5,349
Cost / m2 / year
€ 0.25
€ 0.33

* 3 pitches of 8,000 m2, in total 24,000 m2.
** 2 pitches of 8,000 m2, in total 16,000 m2.
*** The estimate is based on electricity costs at 0,2 €/kWh ex. vat.

Contact your dealer for more information on how CEORA™ can benefit your business.

Safety features

CEORA™ features an object avoidance function that reduces speed and makes CEORA™ turn away when objects are detected in front of the cutting deck. The safety lights can be switched on during hours of darkness to help alert people and animals that CEORA™ is in work.

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance and cleaning is made possible by the ergonomic service position of the cutting deck. This tiltable feature makes it simple to exchange cutting discs and facilitates cleaning.

CEORA™ stays updated with the latest software via FOTA (Firmware Over The Air).

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Future proof

CEORA™ is a robotic mower, but our vision is to accommodate a wider scope of long-term sustainable turf care. That is why we designed the front unit to be interchangeable with future front attachments.

Low noise and emission free

CEORA™ is low in noise, lightweight and battery-driven – reducing the carbon footprint compared to ride-on mowers. It also offers low electric energy consumption and has no direct emissions while in use. 

Manage your fleet from anywhere

With Husqvarna Fleet Services™ you have full control of your autonomous fleet from your smartphone or computer. Keep track of steering, cutting areas, turf care schedules and operational insights. It also helps you with map localisation for full control and theft protection.

  • Exact locations of all mowers
  • Daily performance data
  • Notification if any issues
  • Border control, stay-out zones and more
EPOS™ technology

CEORA™ autonomous mowing solution is guided by Husqvarna EPOS™ technology. Flexible and hassle-free zone management that works with very precise satellite navigation and virtual boundaries. This makes it easy to set up work areas and stay-out zones, without physical wires.

  • No wires
  • Set up virtual boundaries
  • Manage on your phone or computer
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Services by Husqvarna - Partnership

CEORA™ HyperCare

With the included CEORA™ HyperCare our experts provide you and your team with everything you need to get started and succeed with CEORA™.

  • Pre-installation visit for planning and optimisation
  • On-site installation with instructions and training
  • Follow-up visits during the first month