Backpack Blower 580BT / 580 BTS Mark II

Experience force without even feeling it

Husqvarna blowers have unique fans that generate high air velocity and powerful airflow, ideal for garden design, professional landscaping and your tree care needs. This goes for our petrol-driven backpack blowers, as well as our highly-efficient handheld battery blowers. Whichever blower you choose, you will even be able to blow away wet, heavy piles of leaves on. All blowers are ergonomically designed and have low vibrations levels, to enable high productivity through convenient use. It is the debris that gives way to the strong air currents – not your shoulders and arms.

Powerful cleaning without disturbance

Early mornings or late at night is no longer a problem. With Husqvarna’s professional battery-powered blowers, you can now work whenever it suits best. Thanks to the low noise, the disturbance is minimal. And since the performance levels are on par with a petrol-powered machine, they are more than capable of dealing with heavy-duty tasks. All put together, the machines will provide an easier, better workday

Blower 570BTS

More done with less time spent

At Husqvarna we design our commercial-grade blowers for maximum productivity and minimal user strain. Every detail, from the fuel tank’s capacity to the shape of the nozzle, is optimized for performance that makes your workday more profitable and convenient.

436LiB_536LiB, Blower, Battery

Eliminating lateral forces

On all Husqvarna blowers, the throttle handle is located in a position that effectively eliminates the lateral forces from the airstream. For the operator this means a relaxed, comfortable working position, without difficult lateral forces, allowing many hours of efficient work.

356BTx, 356BT X-SERIES

Original design for maximum air speed

Our blower fans are inspired by turbo technology. Their large diameter gives you high pressure and peripheral speed at lower engine speeds. We have also optimized the tubes and nozzles to generate streamlined airflows. All this contributes to high airflow and powerful, directed air that allows you to work extremely effectively.

Blower 525BX
Great blowing capacity, perfectly balanced
The Husqvarna 525BX is developed for professional users who want a lightweight, fuel-efficient petrol blower with high power and low vibrations, so they can work full days and get the job done. You won’t even have to fight lateral forces since the air stream is perfectly lined with the handle. The high blowing capacity is delivered by a powerful X-Torq engine.
Discover the Husqvarna 525BX
Battery Backpack Blower 550iBTX
Don't let anything limit you
The battery backpack blower 550iBTX offers performance on par with its petrol-powered counterparts. Besides class leading power, impressive blow force, ergonomic design and low vibration levels, you’ll also get fumeless operation with significantly less noise. Allowing you to work in busy public areas at any time, without disturbing anyone.