How does the Frost Guard work and how do I enable it on my Automower® robotic lawn mower?

As the grass is extra sensitive to wear when the garden is covered with frost, some Automower® models have a feature called Frost Guard. It is used to stop the mower from operating if the temperature is too low.

So, if you notice that your mower is parked in the charging station on a chilly morning even though it is scheduled to operate, it may be because of the Frost Guard.

How does the Frost Guard work?

If the temperature is 5°C/41°F or below when the mower is scheduled to start, the Frost Guard will delay starting by one hour.

When parked, the mower will continue to check the temperature every hour when it is scheduled. It will only start if or when the temperature is higher than 5°C/41°F.

The temperature is measured by a sensor located inside the chassis. The registered value may therefore differ slightly from the ambient temperature.

To enable/disable the Frost Guard

Using the Automower® Connect app: More > Settings > Operation > Frost Guard

Using the mower display: Settings > Installation > Frost Guard

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