Electric lawn mowers 

If you are looking for a light and user-friendly mower with low noise and low maintenance, a cordless electric mower is the optimal choice. Look forward to pleasant and smooth lawn care without the need to refuel petrol or change the oil, belts and spark plugs. Several battery lawn mowers from Husqvarna also feature a dual battery compartment, which means you can work longer before it's time to charge. There is also the possibility to extend the runtime even more with the savE® mode, which is perfect for mowing tasks that do not require full power. When mowing in tough conditions, the Power Boost feature automatically increases the blade speed for extra power. Last but not least, our electric lawn mowers do not emit CO₂ emissions during use. 

Petrol lawn mowers 

Husqvarna petrol lawn mowers offer the power to handle demanding mowing tasks and to run the product for extended periods. Our range includes several mowers that can tackle bigger lawns, and just like with the battery lawn mowers, you can choose between push and self-propelled models. 

Questions and answers

Electric and petrol lawn mowers have different features and benefits, and as this article mentions, it depends on your needs and what you value.

Husqvarna's range of electric lawn mowers includes both self-propelled and push models.

An electric lawn mower can cut the same type of grass as a petrol lawn mower. However, regardless of which variant you have, it is recommended that you mow in stages (a third of the grass length at a time). If the grass is very high, a lawn mower with side discharge is the optimal choice for efficient mowing.

No. One of the benefits of electric lawn mowers is that you don't have to change the oil, belts and spark plugs.

Please check our battery run time chart for more info. 

All Husqvarna products are of high quality, and regardless of which lawn mower model you choose, you can expect robust construction and well-thought-out solutions that make it a reliable partner for many years. By using genuine Husqvarna spare parts, you can prolong the life of your mower and ensure optimal efficiency. 

Please check our battery run time chart for more info.