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How to care for my summer lawn - 6 top tips

Summer is all about maintaining a beautiful garden during the warm days. Here are some easy-to-follow summer lawn care tips that will help your lawn thrive brilliantly throughout the warmer days. To get you in the spirit, first take a look at our most essential tips throughout the season for keeping a healthy and lush lawn.

Summer lawn care tips

6 steps
See the grass grow? You’re good to mow

During summer lawn care, mow the grass on a regular basis to maintain your lawn’s health and to prevent patchiness or overgrowth. To make life easier, use a robotic lawn mower and enjoy a perfect lawn 24-7!

Husqvarna Automower® is designed to trim the grass a little at a time, but often. Whatever method you use, ensure you’re leaving enough time for the grass to grow in between cuts. And don’t forget to maintain your lawn’s edges using, for example, a Husqvarna battery-powered lawn edger or string trimmer.

For the perfect lawn, don’t forget to fertilise (so weeds are less likely to emerge) or remove weeds as needed.

Go high if it’s dry

If you’re going through a long dry period, make sure your summer lawn care is adapted, and adjust the cutting height on your mower. Cut the grass a bit higher so that it can withstand drought conditions better – since the blades can hold onto more water. The Weather Timer feature on Husqvarna Automower® manages this for you by adapting the mowing based on the weather and growth conditions.

Keep your blades cutting-edge

When you’re about halfway through the summer lawn care, you’ll want to check in on the sharpness of your mower’s blades. A dull mower blade will tear or fray grass rather than cut it, which causes more damage to the grass’ health.

At Husqvarna, we recommend replacing blades regularly, our new blades are precision designed and manufactured for balance and excellent cut quality. For ride-on mowers and walk-behind mowers, blades should be sharpened or exchanged depending in the wear of the knives. We recommend that the knives are cared for by a Husqvarna certified service point.

Bag, mulch or relax

Of course, you can bag up your grass – but another great option is to use a mulching mower or a robotic lawnmower. These will leave minuscule grass clippings on the turf, which will decompose quickly. When that happens, they’ll add nutrients to the soil – acting as a natural fertiliser that makes your lawn thicker and greener.

Fertilise away weeds

During summer lawn care, remove weeds as needed – or let a robotic lawn mower handle them. Husqvarna Automower® is a great way to help manage weeds by disguising their appearance and preventing them from growing tall enough to spread seeds excessively.

Another way to reduce the presence of weeds is to fertilise diligently, up to four times a year (in spring, in summer, in early autumn, and in late autumn). This promotes desirable growth, giving weeds less “room” to emerge. Use a natural fertiliser suitable for your regional conditions.

Water wisely

Water the grass deeply, but no more than necessary. Overwatering will prevent grass from establishing a strong root system and may lead to fungus. After all, if the water is too close to the surface, it gives the grass no incentive to dig deeper for nutrients.

Ensure you check the weather forecast before watering – since there may be no need to get the hose out! Sensors or moisture readers can also help you determine when the lawn needs a drink.