Robot lawn mower

Automower® 320 NERA with Husqvarna EPOS™

3,300 m²
Working area capacity (±20)
50 %
Maximum slope performance inside installation
Automower® Connect
App controlled
What's included
Automower® 320 NERA with Husqvarna EPOS™ - 970 53 51‑55


  • Charging station
  • Extra blades
    6 pcs
  • Power supply unit
  • Low voltage cable
    10 m
  • EPOS™ Plug-in
  • EPOS™ Reference station

Not included

  • Wheel brushes
  • Loop wire
  • Stakes

Wire free robotic lawn mower for lawns up to 3300 m²

A robotic lawn mower that handles rough terrain and lawns up to 3300 m² – a significant increase in area capacity made possible by the systematic mowing pattern.
Husqvarna Automower® 320 NERA offers reliable operation, robust design, and flexible precision mowing with virtual boundaries via the Automower® Connect app and the Husqvarna EPOS™ plug-in and reference station, eliminating the risk of wire breakage.
With GPS-assisted navigation, the mowing pattern is adapted to ensure an even result across the entire lawn. The patented non-fixed front axis increases manoeuvrability and improves rough terrain performance on slopes up to 50% incline.
The mower can also be integrated with your smart home so you can use voice control with Alexa or Google Home, or take advantage of IFTTT routines.

*It is recommended that a garden check is carried out by your local dealer on the purchase of Husqvarna Automower® 320 NERA with Husqvarna EPOS™.

*Area capacity is 2200 m² for installation with boundary wire.
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AM320 NERA Not to sell, with EPOS accessory ROBOTIC LAWN MOWER

Art no: 970 53 51‑55

AM320 NERA Not to sell, with EPOS accessory ROBOTIC LAWN MOWER
Art no: 970 53 51‑55
Working area capacity (±20)3,300 m²
Boundary typeVirtual
Maximum slope performance at boundary25 %
Maximum slope performance inside installation50 %
Max active time24 h
Search systemEPOS guidance
Follow guideVirtual transport path
Charging systemAutomatic
Overall dimensions
Weight (complete product w/o side packed articles)13.2 kg
Product size length75 cm
Product size width54 cm
Product size height30 cm
Product data
Sound level perceived58 dB(A)
Protection Index (IP Code)IPX5
Battery typeLithium Ion
Battery capacity5 Ah
Charging current2.2 A
Typical mow time on one charge135 min
Typical charging time75 min
Mean energy consumption per month at maximum use7 kWh
Cutting System
Cutting system3 pivoting razor blades
Cutting height max60 mm
Cutting height min20 mm
Cutting width24 cm
Cutting height adjustmentElectric
Skid plateYes
Dual cutting directionYes
User InterfaceJogwheel, display and status LED:s/App
DisplayColor Display TFT 2,8” QVGA
ConnectivityBluetooth®, Wi-Fi
App controlledAutomower® Connect
Smart Home integrationYes
Firmware UpdateFOTA
GPS Theft trackingNo
PIN codeYes
Lift sensorYes
Tilt sensorYes
Object detectionNo
Owner support
Manuals, handbooks, spare parts, guides, and related information for Automower® 320 NERA with Husqvarna EPOS™ can be found in the product support.
Product support for Automower® 320 NERA with Husqvarna EPOS™

Frequently asked questions

On the contrary, Automower® is small enough to follow the curvature of a rough lawn. It will not scalp the “hills” like many larger mowers. Due to the large driving wheels, Automower® can cope with uneven surfaces very well. It also handles slopes up to 70% (35°) incline. Only small deep holes may cause Automower® to get stuck.

Yes, Automower® can handle narrow passages down to 60 cm widths, depending on the model used.

Not at all. You'll be surprised how quickly you forget about your Automower® robot mower. You'll hardly notice it as it rolls around your lawn doing its job quickly, quietly and efficiently.

The sound level of Automower® is very low, around 60 dB, which equals the sound level of a quiet conversation. This can be compared to the sound level of ordinary petrol lawn mowers or ride-on mowers, which generate between 95 and 100 dB(A).

You can easily have Automower® working in the garden without disturbing you or your neighbours.

Automower® is good for your lawn and for our planet.

Since Automower® run on batteries, they generate no direct emissions like conventional petrol-powered lawn mowers do. On top of that, the actual energy consumption is very low (less than a traditional 60W light bulb). They are, in addition, very quiet and do not generate any noise. The sound level is only about 60 dB, which is equal to a normal conversation. This means that you can actually have your robot mower working while hosting a garden party, without worrying about any disturbing noise or fuel fumes.

What is more, because Automower® cut just a little grass on a continuous basis, the clippings are small enough to be recycled back into the soil as a natural fertilizer. The result is a greener, fuller, healthier lawn, and reduced need of synthetic fertilizers.

You can easily do the installation yourself. Just follow the instructions in the operator’s manual or in our step by step guide. It takes approximately 2-5 hours, depending on the size and complexity of the lawn. The seller or service point may also offer the installation service, although it is not included in the recommended retail price.

No. The wire can be laid upon the ground using the supplied staples and will after some weeks be grown over and disappear in to the grass. A good tip is to cut the grass as short as possible at the perimeter in order to get the wire as close as possible to the ground. However, if you wish to bury the wire from the beginning, you can, the suggested depth is 3-10 cm.

Replacing blades regularly is vital to maintain an excellent cutting result. Now and then, depending on your lawn size, you should spend a few minutes cleaning grass from the wheels and chassis. Husqvarna offers a range of Automower® accessories for maintaining your mower.