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Questions and answers about robotic mower safety

A recent study from the University of Oxford on robotic lawn mowers and hedgehogs, highlights the vast differences in safety levels between robotic mowers. The robotic mowers from Husqvarna performed well in the test, as they amongst other safety features are all equipped with lightweight (3 g) pivoting blades. Husqvarna welcomes research on the topic and is looking forward to the next study from Dr Rasmussen.

Is it safe to use Husqvarna’s robotic lawn mowers?

All Husqvarna’s products are designed to be safe to operate.  Husqvarna Group is committed to offering products and services to the highest safety and quality standards, Safety is our primary concern, and we constantly work hard to improve the safety of our products. This is why we have equipped all our mowers with pivoting blades, one of the technical features highlighted in the report as significantly increasing the safety index of robot lawn mowers. That is also why we have introduced software updates, such as the Wildlife Consideration-mode, which puts the mower to rest from dusk to dawn while hedgehogs are the most active.

Are there any other ways owners of robotic lawn mowers can avoid harming hedgehogs?

To be on the safe side, if you live in an area with hedgehogs, you can set your mower to avoid mowing from dusk to dawn when the hedgehogs are the most active.

What does Husqvarna do to ensure the safety of hedgehogs and other small animals?

Keeping hedgehogs and other small animals safe is important to us and part of our Vision Zero initiative. Vision Zero is an initiative that aims at Zero accidents and Zero emissions (pollution and noise). To ensure that we live up to this standard we work closely together with scientists to develop the features of our products.

All Husqvarna robotic lawn mowers are equipped with pivoting blades, and most are equipped with either skid plates and/or front wheel drive, the features highlighted as the ones increasing the safety index of automatic mowers the most. In addition to the physical features of the mowers, we also have software solutions such as the Wildlife Consideration feature, which puts the mower to rest from dusk to dawn while hedgehogs are the most active.

Additionally, the Automower® cutting system does not start the blades in the charging station. The robotic mower drives away for five seconds before mowing, allowing small animals taking protection under the mower to leave.

What will you do to ensure that your mowers will not harm juvenile hedgehogs?

We have had a good dialogue with Dr. Sophie Lund Rasmussen about the findings in this study and we intend to use the results in the development of safety features and in the next generation of tools. In addition, we have added features such as the Show Consideration towards Wildlife-mode, which puts the mower to rest from dusk to dawn while hedgehogs are the most active, and initiated the BioLife initiative to share information on how to create a welcoming environment for the hedgehogs.

What is the BioLife initiative?

BioLife is an initiative to promote the garden as an important part of supporting biodiversity. As part of our vision for working towards zero accidents involving small animals, the initiative aims to showcase how we use innovations to advance biodiversity. We also share tips for how our customers can help.


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