Hatfield House goes green with Husqvarna Battery


Hertfordshire’s Hatfield House thanks battery power for helping maintain its extensive grounds, following their impressive results with Husqvarna Battery Series.

A vast estate to maintain

Hertfordshire’s Hatfield House thanks battery power for helping maintain its extensive grounds, following their impressive results with Husqvarna Battery Series, after making a switch to the fuel-alternative.

Built in 1611 by Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury and Chief Minister to King James I, Hatfield House is a beautiful Jacobean property and popular tourist attraction. It is here where Andrew Turvey, head of park and gardens, along with his team of ten employees, began their tool transformation to Husqvarna battery to help preserve and maintain Hatfield House’s vast estate. 

Reliable battery products that work in all weather conditions

Following a demonstration provided by the Husqvarna team, Andrew was instantly impressed by the product’s pricepoints and their ability to be used during unsavoury weather, something which his previous non-Husqvarna battery models struggled with. 

Since their first demo, Andrew’s collection of Husqvarna Battery Series has continued to grow, with his product highlights including the 535iXP chainsaw, 520iHD70 hedge cutter, 530iPT5 telescopic pole saw, 520iHT4 telescopic hedge cutter, 525iB handheld blower and the 535iRXT and 520iLX brushcutters. Andrew also maintains vast areas of formal lawns with multiple Husqvarna Automower® robotic mowers. 


Hatfield House - Commercial Automower Installation


A new way of working for Hatfield House's team of professional gardeners

Andrew commented on his transition to Husqvarna battery power: “From our first initial test of Husqvarna battery, we knew straight away that the products would make a big difference to the way we work. With 200 acres of park and garden to regularly maintain, we rely on products that can withstand heavy duty use, and the Battery Series has done just that.” 

It wasn’t just Andrew that needed to be converted to battery. With a team of ten employees and 20 volunteers, Andrew also needed to introduce his new way of working to his team of professional gardeners.  

Andrew discussed: “When I first introduced battery to my team they were initially sceptical about the products and were concerned that the battery equipment would not provide the power they were typically used to. After testing Husqvarna battery products however, these initial concerns quickly faded away, and it’s now safe to say that they are battery converts.  
The team are not only using the battery products at work, they’ve also switched to battery in their own homes.”

Having used Husqvarna battery over the last two and a half years, Andrew and his team have noticed many benefits of using the battery equipment, not only environmentally, but financially and physically as well. 

Andrew commented: “There are a number of benefits we’ve experienced switching to battery products, in particular the time and money saved from no longer having to travel to purchase fuel. This task regularly took two hours, but now the time can now be spent on-site which has been really helpful."

Increased comfort and productivity for everyone

“Additionally, for levels of comfort, the products are brilliant. With our previous petrol equipment, we regularly had to strain to get them started, but with battery, we can simply turn them on with a push of a button. Not only that, the lower levels of vibrations compared to our previous non-battery machinery is significant. Thanks to the reduced movement we are able to use the products more comfortably and for longer periods at a time, which also helps to increase our productivity.

“The 525iB handheld blower and the 535iRXT and 520iLX brushcutters in particular have made a huge difference to the way we work. The brush cutters are used daily on the estate, by the team and Lady Salisbury herself, thanks to their light-weight design and ability to be turned on and off when needed for short burst of use, without having to warm them up and refuel. We regularly use the handheld blower at Hatfield Train Station and no longer need to worry about disrupting commuters due to its low noise levels. 

“Being able to switch the batteries from one product to another so seamlessly, without the worry of fuel is brilliant. The products have not only helped our daily work, but it is also a great feeling knowing that we’re making a positive impact on the environment. Not only has Husqvarna opened our eyes to garden battery machinery, the results we achieved encouraged us to purchase a battery powered utility vehicle. 

“In the future we look forward to taking further advantage of Husqvarna’s offerings, including Husqvarna Fleet Services™ to track and receive real-time data from our machines, and further extend our collection as new battery models launch.” 

For more information on Husqvarna Battery Series visit: www.husqvarna.com/uk/products/battery/.

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