Get it right with Husqvarna

Today, when the world-renowned Husqvarna performance becomes battery powered, we are as ready as ever to meet your toughest challenges.

Putting our battery power to the test

Do you feel there’s been enough talking from our side now? Well then – let’s take some of our most capable battery products and put them through some live tests of their power, endurance, versatility, and more.

How many cuts can you make on one battery charge?

We went out and tested our battery chainsaw 435i on October 24th, 2023. On this misty morning in Knohult, Sweden, it was around 4°C and we used week-old birch wood with a 20-25 cm in diameter as our testing material. Watch the video to see the results! 

  • Product: Chainsaw 435i
  • Battery: BLi-30 with QC500 charger
  • Bar: X-Precision .325 mini
  • Chain: SP21G

How far do I get on one charge with a battery brushcutter?

While testing the battery chainsaw we also gave our battery brushcutter 325iR a tough challenge. The Swedish weather kept delivering a steady 4°C. For this test we used trimmer head to cut the overgrown edges along a gravel road. The test was performed in the afternoon. Watch the video to see the results! 

  • Product: Brushcutter 325iR
  • Battery: BLi-30 with QC500 charger
  • Trimmer head: T35
  • Trimmer line: 2.4 mm whisper twist