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Important safety information regarding Automower®

Please refer to below safety information with regards to Automower® 435X AWD & Automower® 535 AWD.

Husqvarna responds GOV.UK Product Recall Claim – case from October 2021 that has been addressed

On July 4th GOV.UK communicated a product recall of Husqvarna Automower® 435X and 535 outlining a ‘risk of fire’. 

Husqvarna would like to clarify that this refers to a case dating back to October 2021 that was addressed immediately upon discovery.

Based on an industry standard risk assessment (RAPEX*) where the risk level was determined low, appropriate field measures were taken and product safety regulators in relevant jurisdictions were informed.

The case was the result of the charging pattern “stressing” the batteries to unusual levels of degradation, in some products of the affected models.

Husqvarna has implemented the following field measures:
• Battery replacement and installation in a limited number of products.
• Two mandatory software updates improving battery charging regime, protecting the battery and prolonging its lifetime, as well as installing battery health monitoring features. Both software updates were mandatory, and pushed directly to all product owners for installation via their Automower® Connect App, in December 2021 and February 2022
• Consumers will now be notified well in advance should the battery of their mower reach the end of its life-cycle. If these notifications are ignored, the mower will finally stop working until a new battery has been installed. 

Husqvarna takes product and consumer safety very seriously. Actions are guided by a strong commitment to quality and integrity in line with best practices and in compliance with the law.

For further information, please call 0344 225 1540.


October 2021 Statement

There will be two mandatory software updates on the affected models to prolong the battery lifetime and resolve the issue of future battery degradation. The first of these updates, expected to be available in December, will improve the battery charging regime, protect the battery and prolong its lifetime. The second update, expected in February, will install additional battery health monitoring features. These updates will be pushed out over the air through the Automower® Connect app and when notified the product owner simply has to accept and install the updates.

Additionally, a limited number of mowers will require a new battery. We have used the smart connectivity features of the products to identify mowers that need a battery replacement (free of charge by local Husqvarna dealer). We are now contacting these product owners directly via their Automower® Connect app and e-mail. All customers not contacted by us can continue using the product.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause certain customers. Husqvarna takes this matter very seriously and is committed to resolve it as quickly as possible. We have notified product safety regulators in relevant jurisdictions about this issue.

For further information, please call 0344 225 1540.