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Husqvarna Ramus – An idea for the future

The Husqvarna Ramus is a futuristic concept hedge trimmer that brings together the latest technologies from different industries to create a hedge trimmer that will increase your efficiency and performance. With the Husqvarna Ramus we’re bringing in augmented reality to change professional landscaping.

Ultra-light design

The Husqvarna Ramus hedge trimmer uses carbon fibre and liquid metal blades and is extremely light, so that it can be operated more efficiently.

A connected battery

The Connected Battery collects data and sends out information to the landscaping team.

Augmented reality visor

The visor supports the operator in real-time with data, feedback and projected cutting patterns.

Real-time visual support

The Husqvarna Ramus visor uses augmented reality to support you in real-time. It provides you with status about the tool, but can also show you cutting patterns while you are working. This opens up for new opportunities in landscaping; helping you to work more efficiently, but also to make sure that the work is always executed to the highest standard. The Ramus is a concept product, showing what the future of landscaping could come to look like, and opening up to new levels of creativity.

Super-light design

The Ramus design is extremely light, which means more efficient use for longer periods of time. The cutting blades are made of carbon fibre and liquid metal, with individual sensors on each blade to govern exactly how much power the battery should provide for the job at hand.

See around corners

We have integrated a micro camera that displays the cutting view within the operator’s visor. This means that you can see where you are cutting when working with high hedges or complicated angles out of sight. The Husqvarna Ramus design concept has no official launch date yet. For more information, please contact

Husqvarna Ramus Hedge Trimmer
Silent City Husqvarna Ramus

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