HUSQVARNA 40-C80 Charging Station


Product Description

Husqvarna 40-C80 charging station offers a convenient way to charge up to eight Husqvarna BLiX 36 Volt batteries overnight.
The charging station can be wall-mounted in your workshop to save space and keep your chargers in good order without tangled cables. The 8-to-1 cable connection needs only one wall socket for power. This low-powered charging system has no need for cooling fans so it’s very silent. This product includes aluminium rail, cable and eight 40-C80 chargers. No batteries included.

Product Information

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1pcs rail and 8pcs 40-C80 (UK)

Art no: 970 62 19‑02

Product data
1pcs rail and 8pcs 40-C80 (UK)
Art no: 970 62 19‑02