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One battery. Powerful benefits.

One battery with compatibility within the whole POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE – one of the largest multi-brand 18V battery systems of leading manufacturers worldwide – means seamless flexibility across several home and garden tools, including Bosch and now Husqvarna Aspire™. 

Available in two sizes, our 18V-P4A batteries have been optimised for your garden projects, large or small. With the choice between differing power effects for higher runtimes, our batteries are compact in size and lighter in weight for improved usability. 

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With 25+ million batteries in the market, POWER FOR ALL already offers the greatest variety in applications for your home and garden. And the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE is consistently expanding into new areas, further increasing the versatility and convenience you can experience. With compatibility across more than 10 leading brands within the alliance, this innovative solution protects the environment while offering optimised power, runtime and weight.

Aspire range on storage rail

Husqvarna Aspire™ battery-powered tools

Explore our new range of smart Husqvarna Aspire™ battery-powered garden tools – compact, efficient, easy to store, intuitive and a sleek black design to match.