What is a stay-out zone and how do I create one?

Applies only to Automower® models that support AIM Technology:

Using AIM Technology in your Automower® robotic lawn mower, you can create stay-out zones around areas of your lawn that you do not want the mower to enter: for example, if you have an area with newly sown grass or beautiful spring flowers. The stay-out zone can be activated or deactivated, but not scheduled. It can be renamed as desired.

A stay-out zone can be created almost anywhere on the lawn, even inside a work area. The only exceptions are where the charging station is located, as this will prevent the mower from operating, and over the guide wire, as this will prevent the mower from following the guide wire to and from the charging station.

How to create a stay-out zone using AIM

  1. In the Automower® Connect app, select Map.
  2. Tap the plus sign (+) to create a new map object.
  3. Select Add stay-out zone.
  4. Move the waypoints to cover the desired area on your map. You can reposition any point by tapping on it again. To move the whole shape, tap and hold inside the zone and drag to reposition.
  5. Rename the zone.
  6. Use the slider to activate or deactivate the zone.

The red circle in the example is a stay-out zone, created to prevent the mower from running over fruit on the ground under a tree:

Recommendations for stay-out zones

  • Include as long sections of the boundary wire as possible inside the stay-out zone. This will help the mower navigate around the zone.
  • Never use a stay-out zone created using AIM Technology to stop your mower from running into a swimming pool or the street. Always fence off this type of area using the boundary wire and a barrier at least 15 cm/6 inches in height.
  • Do not let the stay-out zone cover the charging station, as this will prevent the mower from operating.
  • Do not let the stay-out zone cover a part of the guide wire. The mower will stop and turn when it reaches the stay-out zone, which may prevent the mower from returning to the charging station when it needs to charge.
  • Do not let the stay-out zone block a passage if you want the mower to enter the passage.
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