Automower 305

Financing options

By opting to lease one of our Husqvarna products, you get the advantages of Husqvarna performance without the upfront costs. Leasing with Husqvarna is available through manageable monthly fees that go easy on your wallet. At the end of your lease contract, simply upgrade to a new product model and lease agreement.

What products can I lease?
Our range of products available for leasing continues to grow ensuring that you always have the latest top-notch tools at hand. Products for lease include:

  • Automower® 100-500-series models
  • Battery Handheld 300-500-series models
  • Battery Riders
  • Battery Garden Tractors
  • Petrol, Diesel & Hybrid Rider 100-400-series models
  • Batteries & Chargers as bundled accessory
  • Pressure washers, Handheld attachments, and Wet & Dust Vacuums as bundled accessories

For more details, please consult your local dealer.

PGE Family Smart Lawn Care

Husqvarna Lease Plus

Focus on what matters. Life today is often hectic and your time for lawn care limited. Husqvarna Lease Plus is the ultimate in convenience. With this all-inclusive option, you benefit not only from the performance of your mower, but also an optional financing solution and complete service offer. Husqvarna Lease Plus is designed to give you that extra time to focus on what matters most to you.

Ride-On Front Mowers 36 or 60 months – from  XX/month
Yearly maintenance
Product Insurance

Automower® 36 or 60 months – from XX/month
Product and installation
Yearly maintenance
Off-season storage
Genuine Husqvarna Blades
Product Insurance

* Unless product is damaged due to abuse, neglect, misuse or misapplication.

Service Workshop

Husqvarna Service Plus

Enter the world of convenience. Husqvarna Service Plus is our all-inclusive service package for Husqvarna users who demand more in terms of convenience and trouble-free ownership. Let us take care of maintenance, repairs and off-season storage for a full three or five years at a fixed monthly cost. Service as easy and efficient as your mower.

Automower® 36 or 60 months – from XX/month
Yearly maintenance
Off-season storage
Free repairs*
Genuine Husqvarna Blades

* Unless product is damaged due to abuse, neglect, misuse or misapplication.

PGE Lifestyle, moment Rider

Husqvarna Warranty Plus

Extend your coverage. With Husqvarna Warranty Plus you secure trouble-free performance on your Husqvarna for another 1 - 3 years. This add-on service can be bought up to 12 months after the purchase of your product.

Yearly service at an authorized Husqvarna dealer is mandatory in order for the warranty extension to be valid.

Common questions about Services by Husqvarna

Services by Husqvarna is not an actual product but rather an umbrella term for our group-wide leasing and service program. It includes Husqvarna Lease Plus, Husqvarna Service Plus and Husqvarna Warranty Plus. Below we’ve gathered a few common questions and answers.


Yes, you can turn to any authorized Husqvarna dealer for both annual service and repairs.

The product should be taken care of according to Husqvarna’s recommendations and set service plan. For all contracts you're responsible to make an authorized maintenance at a Husqvarna dealer. The service must be documented. For Warranty Plus the yearly maintenance isn't included.

No, a prerequisite for all service and repair is that it is performed by a Husqvarna authorized dealer or service partner.

You will get a reminder from Husqvarna when it is time for the annual service. You can book the service at any Husqvarna authorized dealer.

Husqvarna Warranty Plus can be bought together with the product at the dealer or up to one year after purchase. For Husqvarna Service Plus or Husqvarna Lease Plus you sign up for the contract at the dealer at the point of purchase.