Battery Box Tools for You
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Battery products for sharing via digital tool sheds

The sharing economy is a good, responsible way of using products that benefit both people’s finances and our environment. We think that this model is perfect for gardening tools, and we’re now offering people to share our battery machines by renting them from digital tool sheds called Tools for You in many countries.

We conducted our first pilot – Husqvarna Battery Box – in 2017. Based on these experiences, we’re now further developing the concept of sharing tools. Tools for You consists of a mobile app, a tool shed with Bluetooth® operated lock and seven compartments for hedge trimmers, blowers, pole chainsaws, chainsaws, trimmers, brushcutters and battery chargers.

Your next tool is at your fingertips

The Tools for You app allows you to see instruction videos, book, pay and open the compartments. When returned, all products are thoroughly serviced and fully charged by an authorised Husqvarna partner.

Pilot study to explore co-owning

Tools for You has been tested in Australia, USA, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, The Netherlands, Switzerland and most Nordic countries. We’re also doing a pilot study together with, which is a co-owning platform that helps homeowners in the same neighbourhood to get in touch with each other to buy tools together and maximise the utilisation rate of products such as chainsaws and hedge trimmers.