Spreader 30


Product variant

TS 138L
Fits to model
TS 138L
TC 242T
TC 238TX
TC 242TX
R 112iC
R 214T
R 214TC
R 200iX
R 216T AWD
R 316TX
R 320X AWD
RC 318T
RC 320Ts AWD
R 316TsX AWD
Spreader 30
Art no: 589 40 93‑01
Spreader 30
Spreader 30
Art no: 589 40 93‑01

Product Description

Handy spreader with easily adjustable flow, for smaller areas. Can be used for spreading fertilizer and seeds in your garden, as well as ice melt during winter season. If used with salt, make sure to clean spreader hopper and tubes after use, to prevent corrosion.

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