Rider R 214TAWD


This is a story of a legendary mower: the Husqvarna Rider. Over 30 years, its design and functions have been developed through constant innovation. But it all started with a toy.
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Husqvarna Riders

The turning point for sit-on lawn mowers came when a Husqvarna engineer was examining the trailer on a child’s toy tractor. He noticed that when he pushed it backwards, the rig could more or less pivot on its axis. It was the start of an idea we finally patented in 1987: a turning rear axle with the cutting unit in the front and the seat in the centre. And ever since, professional and amateur gardeners alike have been able to cut their grass more easily – even around bushes!


The combination of control, comfort and efficiency will not only make your
work easier, you'll also enjoy the ride. It's hard to find places where a
Husqvarna Rider isn't able to reach. Thanks to a wide range of attachments and a built-in choice of cutting methods, not only is it ideal for efficient lawn care, it can also perform various other tasks on your land all year round.

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