Suburban PGE / Battery Lawn-mower / LC 353iVX

Light and efficient battery & electric lawn mowers

Husqvarna electric and battery-powered lawn mowers deliver the perfect cut in perfect peace and quiet. Whether you choose a push model or a self-propelled model – you are guaranteed a user-friendly mower that is easy to handle and easy to maintain with less noise and fewer emissions.

Powerhead / LC 247Li/LC 347VLi

Stay charged with dual batteries

A battery-powered lawnmower from Husqvarna features dual battery compartments, which means you can work even longer without recharging your batteries. The two 36-volt lithium-ion batteries deliver between 30 minutes to an hour of cutting time, depending on the area you’re mowing. With our Husqvarna-developed SavE® mode, you can optimise and prolong the battery run time even more.

Suburban PGE / battery Walk-behind /LC 247Li, LC 347VLi Lawnmower

Comfortable, convenient and cost-effective

Thanks to their low weight and excellent manoeuvrability, working with our electric lawn mowers is less tiring and puts less strain on your body. The handlebars are adjustable for added comfort and can be folded down for easy storage. When it comes to getting started, it’s as easy as pushing a button. And once you’re up and running there is no longer any need to refuel, change the oil filter or the air filter. The result is a premium mower that is considerably cheaper to run than a petrol model.

Battery Walk-behind LC 247Li Man mowing lawn

Quieter and kinder to the environment

When it comes to noise, our electric lawn mowers produce as little as 65-85 decibels. In comparison, petrol-driven machines produce around 90 decibels. This means you can enjoy a more pleasant cutting experience without having to worry about disturbing your neighbours. Electric lawn mowers are also kinder to the environment than petrol lawn mowers, producing around 99% fewer methane emissions while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 38%.