Husqvarna Fleet Services app & sensor (portrait)


What equipment do we have? Where is it? How much do we actually use it? When do we need to service or replace it? Connect your equipment to Husqvarna Fleet ServicesTM to keep track of it all - for hassle-free and more productive workday.
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Husqvarna Fleet Services™

Husqvarna Fleet Services app, sensor and logo

Husqvarna Fleet Services - How it works
Monthly Free 2,99 EUR/machine 2,49 EUR/machine 2,25 EUR/machine Contact us to get price
1 Year plan (monthly fee) Free 1,89 EUR/machine 1,49 EUR/machine 1,39 EUR/machine
2 Year plan (monthly fee) Free 1,55 EUR/machine 1,29 /EUR /machine 1,15 EUR/machine


This is what you need to connect your handheld and wheeled machines. In addition, you need a dedicated phone or tablet, with the Husqvarna Fleet ServicesTM Gateway app, mounted in your storage. 

Machine sensor

The machine sensor allows you to connect all sorts of handheld and wheeled machines.

Husqvarna Fleet Services - machine sensor

Fleet machine sensor key

Euro Is used to open and close the sensor, for instance to change the battery.

Husqvarna Fleet Services - sensor key








Can I assign different user roles for various staff members?

Yes, currently Husqvarna Fleet Services™ has two roles – Fleet manager and Fleet technician.

A user can have multiple roles.

The Fleet manager role provides full access to the fleet company account, including rights for user management and payment settings.

The Fleet technician role is limited to management of asset inventory.


How many users can I add?

There are no technical limitations on how many users Husqvarna Fleet Services™ can have.

How does the subscription rate plans work?

You can upgrade from the 1-month and 1-year plans at any time. The new rate plan comes into effect immediately. You’re also able to downgrade 2-year and 1-year plans whenever you want. The downgrade comes into effect from the renewal date of your previous plan.

Furthermore, you can reduce the number of machines. The reduction comes into effect at your renewal date. For the Standard subscription you’ll have to remove the sensor from the Husqvarna Fleet Services™ app, but still keep the machine in the inventory list. For the Automower 300 and 400 series, you will need to remove the mower from your list.


If I de-activate my subscription, can I still access my historical data?

Yes. When a machine subscription is de-activated, the machine history is still available.

It’s also possible to add maintenance and repair records.


Does Husqvarna Fleet Services™ work on my smartphone/tablet/computer?

The Husqvarna Fleet Services™ web portal works on tablets and computers. The Husqvarna Fleet Services™ smartphone app is available for both Android and iOS. Simply go to Google Play and/or Appstore and search for ‘Husqvarna Fleet Services’.

Will running the apps drain my battery?

The app needs to be running in order for the Husqvarna Fleet Services™ location services to help report last known location for the machines. This employs the Bluetooth radio and you can expect a similar energy usage as for similar tracking apps like Tile, TrackR, etc.

Uploading the machine data uses slightly more energy.

Is my information safely stored in the cloud?

Information is stored on resources that are secure behind firewalls and can only be accessed by the system itself.

Technical Data – machine sensor

Weight: 30g (including battery)
Size: 69x45x15mm
Battery: CR2450 VARTA
Battery life, engine on hours: Approx. 350hrs 
Battery life, on the shelf: Approx. 10 months
Radio: Bluetooth Low Energy
Memory capacity: 60 days data (when assuming 8hrs working day)
Max temperature: 60°C
Min. temperature: –20°C

Technical data – interface box

Weight: 120g (including machine sensor and cover)
Size: 103x53x27mm
Battery: CR2450 VARTA
Battery life, engine on hours: Approx. 350hrs
Battery life, on the shelf: Approx. 10 months
Radio: Bluetooth Low Energy
Memory capacity: 60 days data (when assuming 8hrs working day)
Max temperature: 60°C
Min. temperature: –20°C

Subscription trial – first three months for free*

When you create your Fleet Services™ account you will automatically get the first six months of your subscription for free.

*After the first three months, you will automatically start to be billed unless you terminate your Fleet Services™ subscription before the end of the trial period.

You will get notified via e-mail two weeks before your trial period expires. You can upgrade to 1 Year or 2 Year plan at any time

Please refer to full terms and conditions of subscription (see link below) including information as to the process and period for terminating your subscription and the costs of subscriptions after the three-month trial.

Money-back guarantee during three-month trial

*To get data from your machines you will need a Fleet machine sensor for each machine.

You can buy the sensor from your preferred Husqvarna Commercial Dealer – or – via your local Husqvarna Sales Company.

Should you decide to not continue with Husqvarna Fleet Services™ after the three-month trial subscription period, Husqvarna will buy back your sensors at the purchase price you paid for them.

The Money-back guarantee is valid only within the Free subscription trial period. This is part of the contract that you will enter into with your Husqvarna Commercial Dealer or Husqvarna Sales Company when you buy the Fleet machine sensors.

Your Husqvarna Commercial Dealer or Husqvarna Sales Company will inform you of the return process including the timelines involved for returning the sensors and receiving a refund.


Here are our subscription models and rate plans for Husqvarna Automower® 300 & 400-series.
Which solution best suits your business's needs?.

Automower® 300 & 400-series subscription

These mowers can be upgraded to Husqvarna Fleet ServicesTM. Requires 2G/3G connectivity.

3 months free subscription!

Husqvarna Fleet Services Automower subscription
Monthly 6,99 EUR/machine 6,49 EUR/machine 5,99 EUR/machine Contact us to get a quote
1 Year plan (monthly fee) 3,89 EUR/machine 3,59 EUR/machine 3,29 EUR/machine
2 Year plan (monthly fee) 3,59 EUR/machine 3,29 EUR/machine 2,99 EUR/machine