Highly durable 36V backpack battery including harness with 31.1 Ah capacity, for maximum runtime in demanding professional applications.

Heavy duty design meets maximum runtime. Truly durable, high capacity (31.1 Ah) backpack battery for highest productivity and longest runtime. Robust design guaranteed for daily outdoor work in all weathers. LED charge indicators on battery pack, plus exact battery charge percentage readable from adapter simplifies work planning for the user. Advanced ergonomic harness allows a perfect fit, and the easily detachable battery pack means users can share batteries freely without swapping harnesses. Detachable support foot for free-standing use ensures all day comfort and productivity, and reduces the risk of the harness getting wet and dirty.

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Including adapter and harness

Αρ. είδους: 967 09 32‑01

Στοιχεία προϊόντος
Including adapter and harness
Αρ. είδους: 967 09 32‑01
Τάση μπαταρίας36 V
Βάρος9,4 kg
Χωρητικότητα μπαταρίας31,1 Ah
Τύπος μπαταρίαςΙόντων Λιθίου
Ισχύς μπαταρίας1.119,6 Wh
Βάθος κοπής, μέγιστο120,4 mm
Βάθος κοπής, μέγιστο261,9 mm
Βάθος κοπής, μέγιστο369,1 mm



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