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Husqvarna Active Cleaning


Active Cleaning

Protective clothing must be washed regularly to retain its protective qualities. Our special detergent is phosphate free and biodegradable, and has been classified as environmentally compatible. Also effective for cleaning saw chains, garden mashines, air filters, etc.

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Detergent 1L Active Cleaning

Art no: 583 87 69‑01

Product data
Detergent 1L Active Cleaning
Art no: 583 87 69‑01
ContainsAqua, Tetrasodium 2-(1,2-dicarboxylatoethylimino)succinate, Hexyl D-glucoside, 2-Propylheptyl alcohol – ethoxylated, Disodium metasilicate and 2,6-dimethyloct-7-en-2-ol
Protective clothes sub-groupOther
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