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Explore our Automower® range to find the ideal robotic lawn mower for you and your garden. A perfectly cut lawn 24/7 – no matter the size, shape or terrain.​

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There are already more than three million homeowners and professionals around the world who trust Husqvarna robotic lawn mowers to keep their lawns in perfect shape – equipped with the latest technology, such as GPS-assisted navigation and built-in sensors, for a hassle-free user experience. While you spend your time the way you want, Husqvarna robot lawn mowers are quietly and independently doing the hard work with unmatched efficiency. With the Automower® Connect app, your robotic lawn mower is ready to be connected to your smartphone and smart home integration. Voice control allows you to ensure your lawn stays healthy and well-kept with a single command. Discover our extensive product range – there is always a Husqvarna robotic lawn mower to match your specific lawn and needs.​