Chainsaw 550 XP
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What is TrioBrake?

TrioBrake™ is a safety system for Husqvarna chainsaws, where the chain brake can be activated in a third way – with your right hand – besides the two customary ways, i.e. with the left wrist and through the inertia function.

TrioBrake™ can provide extra protection in situations where a regular chain brake fails to provide adequate protection. For example, in the event of climbing kickback when pruning a standing tree, or if you stumble and risk injury from the saw. TrioBrake™ also provides additional protection when felling if you plan to bore and hold the saw horizontally.

TrioBrake™ also helps you work in a more ergonomic, safe and comfortable way. The guard on the rear handle will let you know if you bend and strain your back instead of bending your knees when crosscutting. TrioBrake™ is also activated if you use the saw above shoulder height incorrectly, for example when limbing. TrioBrake™ also makes it easier to intentionally activate the chain brake when starting and moving.