Trimmer line X Force


Product variant

Fits to model
Trimmer head T35X
Trimmer head S35
Trimmer head Alloy
Trimmer head Superauto II
Trimmer head T25
Trimmer head T25C
Trimmer head T35
Trimmer head T35 Universal
Trimmer head Trimmy SII
Trimmer head T45X
Trimmer head T55X
2,4mm/.095" 90m/300ft (Donut)
Art no: 578 43 34‑01
Trimmer line X Force
2,4mm/.095" 90m/300ft (Donut)
Line diameter 2.4 mm
Art no: 578 43 34‑01

Product Description

´X´ Force™ is the trimmer line that put focus on strength and durability for optimal performance in respect of cutting time.
´X´ Force™ has a combination between a new Co-polymer formula and a robust surface pattern.

Product Information

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2,4mm/.095" 90m/300ft (Donut)

Art no: 578 43 34‑01

Product Data
2,4mm/.095" 90m/300ft (Donut)
Art no: 578 43 34‑01
2,7mm/.105" 70m/233ft (Donut)
Art no: 578 43 39‑01
2,7mm/.105" 240m/800ft (Spool)
Art no: 578 43 40‑01
3,0mm/.120" 56m/186ft (Donut)
Art no: 578 43 43‑01
3,0mm/.120" 240m/800ft (Spo
Art no: 578 43 44‑01
3,3mm/.130" 75m/250ft (Spool)
Art no: 578 43 45‑01
3,3mm/.130" 240m/800ft (Spool)
Art no: 578 43 46‑01
Line diameter2.4 mm2.7 mm2.7 mm3 mm3 mm3.3 mm3.3 mm
Article Packaging typeDonutDonutSpoolDonutSpoolSpoolSpool