Why is the light on the Automower® charging station off?

If the light on the charging station for the Automower® robotic lawnmower doesn't light up, this may indicate issues with the cable or power supply. You may see the error message No loop signal or Charging station blocked on the robotic lawnmower's display and in the Automower® Connect app.
Common reasons why the light on the charging station is not working are:
  • No power in the power outlet.
  • Low voltage cable ends not properly connected to the power adapter or to the charging station.
  • Damaged low voltage cable.
  • Incorrect type of low voltage cable.
  • Damaged charging station, for example after a thunderstorm.

Possible solutions:

  • Is the power outlet (A) working? Test the outlet by plugging in an appliance that you know is working. For example a lamp or a kitchen appliance.
  • Are all cables properly connected? Disconnect and reconnect both ends of the low voltage cable (C).
  • Is the low voltage cable (C) free from damage? Check that there is no visible damage along the low voltage cable and on its ends.
  • Onsome robotic mower models, you can test whether the low voltage cable is damaged by plugging the power adapter (B) directly into the power supply inlet (D) on the charging station. If the charging station indicator light starts working, the low voltage cable is most likely damaged. This test works on all Automower® robotic lawnmowers except for 440, 440 with Automower Connect kit, 450X NERA, 450X NERA with EPOS Plugin, 450X and 435X AWD, as these models have a different kind of low voltage cable.
  • Are you using the correct low voltage cable? The low voltage cable is not the same for all product models. If you have several low voltage cables, make sure that you are using the correct one.

If the above solutions didn't solve the problem or if the charging station stopped working after a thunderstorm, please contact your local Husqvarna dealer.

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