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Cutting blades will not rotate on a ride-on mower

While working with your ride-on mower, you may notice that all or one of the cutting blades are not rotating (not working).

If you notice this, there might be issues with the belt tensioning spring or the belts.

CAUTION: For safety reasons, make sure to wear protective gloves while performing this task. Blades are sharp and injuries can occur easily.

How to examine the blades in the service position

It’s easiest to examine the blades by lifting the cutting deck into the service position and start rotating one of them. If all blades are rotating at the same time, there is no issue with the cutting deck belt that is connecting the blades.

If one, or more, blades are not rotating, the cutting deck belt is worn out and needs to be replaced. This should be done by an authorised dealer.

How to put your ride-on mower in service position

How to examine the belt when the ride-on mower is not in the service position

If you notice that the blades are not working as usual, for example: the middle one is not cutting the grass; the blades are not rotating fast enough; the blades are not cutting the grass as they usually do; there is a problem with the belt connecting the engine with the cutting deck; or there is a problem with the belt tensioning spring.

If you notice any of the issues mentioned above, you can remove the cutting deck cover using the provided tool and check for damage to the belt, to the cutting deck or to the tension spring. Please make sure to use protective gloves when performing this task.

If there is any damage, please contact your local authorised dealer.

How to examine and replace the blades on your Ride-On mower

If you notice that the blades on your battery ride-on mower are not rotating, check the following:

Electric connection

WARNING: Before cleaning the product, be sure to turn it off by setting the power switch to the "0"position.

When putting your ride-on mower in the service position, you need to disconnect the electric connection to the cutting deck. Very often, one can forget to connect this connection to the cutting deck. This connection enables the blades to rotate.

  1. Park the product on level ground.
  2. Set the power switch to the "0" position.
  3. Release the clip on the front cover with the tool attachment to the power switch key and remove the cover.
  4. Remove the clip and check the connector.

How to put your ride-on mower in service position

Cleaning the cutting deck

If the blades are not rotating, put the ride-on mower into the service position and check for grass, branches or other debris. If the cutting deck is dirty, clean it by removing all branches, grass or debris.

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