Arborist tree climbing Battery Chainsaw T540i XP
A combination designed for accuracy
It’s not for nothing that the X‑Precision™ combination of chains and bars is likened to a tree scalpel. The small nose radius and smart design of the bar, together with the small size and specific design of the chains enable precise cuts as well as a clean cutting surface, even in the tightest of areas.
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X‑Precision™ chains
The X‑Precision™ semi-chisel chain is available in two different sizes: SP11G, ideal for accurate and gentle pruning of branches up to 15 cm, and SP21G, specifically developed to increase the cutting speed and efficiency of battery chainsaws. Both chains deliver a consistently smooth cut, low kickback, excellent bore cut, as well as improved handling.
Tree work Battery Chainsaw T540i XP
X‑Precision™ bars
The X‑Precision™ bars are designed specifically for use with the X‑Precision™ chains on Husqvarna professional battery-powered and low-powered petrol chainsaws. The optimised overall geometry and small nose radius provide efficient cutting with precise control, excellent bore cutting properties and reduced risk of kickback.

Make life in the treetops better

Derek Wheeler, tree care professional in Norway, shares his impressions after using X‑Precision™ for everything from pruning to small cuts in narrow and tight spaces.

X‑Precision™ chains and bars features

3 steps
Pixel chain and guide bar

Enables a narrow and more efficient cut for longer run-time. The bar’s thin parts make the bars low-weight, for increased manoeuvrability.

X-Precision, Pixel chain bar

The 1/4" mini and .325 mini chain pitch enables clean cutting surfaces and better precision.

X-precision, Pitch
Small nose radius

The narrow nose radius enables precise cuts and improves precision.

X-precision, Nose radius