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Eye-n-Eye Prusik


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Art no:
Cover, 2-stage snow thrower
For to-trinns snøfresere
Art no: 580 73 73‑02

8 mm prusik for friction hitches

A high-quality piece of safety equipment, the Husqvarna prusik is ideal for experienced tree professionals and beginners alike. The Husqvarna prusik is made from a polyester and aramid fibre mix, which makes it highly resistant to abrasions and heat while offering excellent grip. Diameter 8 mm. Length 76 cm or 85 cm.
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Eye-n-Eye 8mm, 76 cm

Art no: 534 09 99‑01

Product data
Eye-n-Eye 8mm, 76 cm
Art no: 534 09 99‑01
Eye-n-Eye 8mm, 85 cm
Art no: 534 09 99‑02
Approved according toEN 795B:2012, AS/NZS 5532:2013, ANSI Z133-2017EN 795B:2012, AS/NZS 5532:2013, ANSI Z133-2017
Diameter mm8 mm8 mm
Length76 cm85 cm
Minimum Breaking strength18 kn18 kn
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Arborist Equipment

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