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Product variant

Fits to model
TC 138
R 216
R 214T
R 213C
TC 238
TC 239T
R 214TC
R 216 AWD (exkl. klippagg.)
TS 138
R 216T AWD
R 422Ts AWD
TS 238
TS 243T
TS 346
R 318 (exkl.klippagg.)
R 320 AWD (exkl.klippagg.)
LB 146P
LB 155S
LB 246PI
LB 248S
LB 253S
LB 348SI
LB 553S
LC 247
LC 247S
LC 247SP
LC 347V
LC 347VI
LC 353V
LC 353VI
LC 356 AWD
LC 356V
LC 451S
LC 451V
LC 551SP
Art no:
Fuel power 4 , 25l
Bensin Power 4 - 4T, 25 liter
Volym 25L
Art no: 583 95 59‑02
Fuel Power 4, 1 L.
Bensin Power 4 - 4T, 1 liter
Volym 1L
Art no: 589 22 79‑01
Fuel Power 4, 5 L.
Bensin Power 4 - 4T, 5 liter
Volym 5L
Art no: 589 22 79‑10

A robust, lightweight climbing rope

Designed to increase your work safety, the Husqvarna climbing rope is ideal for both experienced tree professionals and beginners. Fully certified and ready to go, this versatile climbing rope can be used for single and double rope techniques with different mechanical hardware for a smooth ascent or descent. It features an approved splice at one end and offers an excellent balance between softness and stiffness.

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Orange, 11.5mm, 45m, one splice

Art no: 534 09 87‑01

Product Data
Orange, 11.5mm, 45m, one splice
Art no: 534 09 87‑01
Orange, 11.5mm, 60m, one splice
Art no: 534 09 87‑02
Blue, 11.5mm, 45m, one splice
Art no: 534 09 87‑11
Blue, 11.5mm, 60m, one splice
Art no: 534 09 87‑12
Approved according toEN 1891A, ANSI Z133EN 1891A, ANSI Z133EN 1891A, ANSI Z133EN 1891A, ANSI Z133
Diameter mm11.5 mm11.5 mm11.5 mm11.5 mm
Length45 m60 m45 m60 m
weight94 g/m94 g/m94 g/m94 g/m
MaterialPolyester, PolyamidePolyester, PolyamidePolyester, PolyamidePolyester, Polyamide
Static strength – Splice end connection18 kn18 kn18 kn18 kn
Static strength – Free length24 kn24 kn24 kn24 kn
Elongation2.2 %2.2 %2.2 %2.2 %
Fits to model

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