Husqvarna Brushcutting and Trimmer Jacket, Technical


Product variant

Fits to model
R 216
R 214
R 214T
R 213C
R 214C
R 215TX
R 214TC
R 214T AWD
R 216 AWD
R 216T AWD
R 316T
R 316T AWD
R 316TsX AWD
R 316TX
R 316TXs AWD
R 320 AWD
R 320X AWD
Rider 13C
R 320X AWD
R 112C
R 216T AWD
Art no:
Transmission belt
Length 1,422 mm
Art no: 589 53 04‑01
Transmission belt, 800mm
Length 800 mm
Art no: 589 53 12‑01
Transmission belt, 2240mm
Length 2,240 mm
Art no: 589 53 14‑01
Transmission belt, 1215mm
Length 1,215 mm
Art no: 589 53 28‑01
Transmission belt, 1950mm
Length 1,950 mm
Art no: 594 97 78‑01
Transmission belt, 2050mm
Length 2,050 mm
Art no: 594 97 80‑01
KWF Standard
Approved according to

Brushcutting and Trimmer Jacket, Technical

A jacket specially designed for working long hours with a harness that offers place for extra padding to relieve the shoulders. The pockets are easy to reach while wearing a harness. Ventilation zippers on the front, under the arms and a yoke in the back keep the temperature at a comfortable level. The 4-way stretch fabric on the back together with a new arm construction and ergonomically pre-bent arms offers high movability.
Size S–XXL.
Washing instructions

Regularly machine wash the garment according to the temperature and instructions on the inside label. Do not wash inside out. After washing, stretch the garment and let it air dry.

  • Do not bleach, dry clean or tumble dry.
  • Clean the garment immediately if it has been subjected to petrol, oil or other flammable materials. Fire hazard!
  • Close zip and hook-and-loop fasteners to prevent fabric damage.
  • If ironing, do so with low heat.
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XS 42/44

Art no: 597 66 02‑42

Product data
XS 42/44
Art no: 597 66 02‑42
S 46/48
Art no: 597 66 02‑46
M 50/52
Art no: 597 66 02‑50
L 54/56
Art no: 597 66 02‑54
XL 58/60
Art no: 597 66 02‑58
XXL 62/64
Art no: 597 66 02‑62
Approved according toKWF StandardKWF StandardKWF StandardKWF StandardKWF StandardKWF Standard
Protective clothes sub-groupTechnicalTechnicalTechnicalTechnicalTechnicalTechnical
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