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The toolkit of a forester

What does a forester take to the woods? What equipment improves your work and keeps you protected? This is Husqvarna’s take on what should go in every forester’s toolkit.

A crucial piece of safety equipment is the helmet. Forestry helmets come in a variety of designs. A common thing for all Husqvarna chainsaw helmets is that they have hearing protectors and face visors. Our Functional and Technical helmets also come with a neck protector to shelter you from rain, snow or sun. The mesh in the face visor on the latest Husqvarna models is crafted in such a meticulous manner that it’s hard to notice that it’s there. Though it’s not a requirement, it’s recommended to combine the helmet with protective glasses.

Protective clothing

Protective trousers, gloves and chainsaw boots are other important props for keeping you safe at work. The fabric in a pair of protective trousers contains of long fibres that can be tangled in the chain in case of impact. Husqvarna makes protective gloves with the same kind of long fibres in the fabric, but the most important thing is that you put on some sort of working gloves so that you don’t scratch yourself on branches or when you’re filing the chain. And, of course, that you use a safe working technique. The protective boots should have approved saw protection.

Colours that pop

On the upper body it’s recommended – or strictly regulated – to wear high visibility clothes, such as a fluorescent coloured jacket. This is especially important for those who work alone in the forest. If something were to happen under such circumstances, it’s much easier to be found in high vis clothes.

Tools and equipment

Apart from what you wear, and the actual chainsaw, there are plenty of gadgets that can be useful – or plain vital – to take to the worksite. Your mobile phone and first aid kit are at the top of the list. There are specially designed tool belts that contain holsters for first aid kits, lifting hooks, lifting tongs, combination spanners and a measuring tape. You should also bring along filing equipment, wedges and a breaking - or impact bar or an axe. Also, don’t forget the combi can with chain oil and petrol. The Husqvarna model comes with a toolbox for carrying a couple of files, an extra chain and some tools.

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