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How wide is a Husqvarna Sit-On Mower?

Find the dimensions of all Husqvarna garden tractors and riders. Make sure the sit-on lawn mower you purchase can be stored in your garage and pass through the narrowest of passageways.

Size matters

When buying a sit-on lawn mower it is important to consider not only the size of the cutting deck, but also the size of the machine.

For a truly versatile lawn mower you need to be able to maneuver around tight objects and pass through a variety of passageways and pathways, and to do this your sit-on lawn mower must fit through these too. The alternative is that you have to go back afterwards with a grass trimmer adding more time to the job in hand.


Our combi decks feature the superior BioClip mulching technology, which helps turn the grass clippings into natural fertiliser, providing a rich, green and healthy lawn. Click on box to the right and watch our short video which explains a little more about Husqvarna's unique BioClip feature.