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How to grow hedge maze, and maintain it

It may seem like an impossible task but actually it’s quite easy. Growing your own hedge maze is basically about planting a collection of hedges, organised according to a plan. The result can be a truly amazing addition to your back garden. Read more on how to grow a hedge maze here.

Five steps to grow a perfect maze

  1. Plan
    Start by picking a location that is level, has good soil drainage and is large enough. Take measurements, and use them to draw a map, to scale, on a sheet of graph paper. Include obstacles like trees and shrubs. Draw the outlines of your paths, and include walkways, sitting areas, dead ends and turns. Include creative elements such as benches and flowerbeds.
  2. Outline
    Using the map, plot out where you want to grow your maze with wooden stakes and string. Pound stakes into the ground to mark the ends and corners of hedgerows, on either side of walkways. Run string along the stakes, and adjust to form straight lines.
  3. Plant
    In order to grow a maze, plant a shrub every 45-60cm along the lines of stakes and string. Remove the stakes and string as you plant. The ideal plant will be a fast-growing evergreen shrub appropriate for your region. It should be a species that grows to a height of 120-150cm and a width of about 60cm at maturity.
  4. Cover walkways 
    Cover all walkways with landscape fabric and push landscaping stakes through the fabric into the soil on both sides. This will prevent weeds from growing in the maze.
  5. Make a walking surface
    Spread a 5-8cm layer of gravel on top of the landscape fabric. Rake it to make the surface level. Place decorations in desired locations in the maze.

Looking after the new hedge

The first spring after planting, lightly trim the shrubs to encourage side shoots from the stalks and ensure that foliage is retained near ground level. Regular topping and facing back the sides will thicken and increase the branch system. Continue to water during the first two seasons and apply fertiliser in spring and autumn.

To get perfect angles and straight lines when you grow a maze, use a spirit level when cutting, as well as a precise and reliable hedge trimmer. We have a wide assortment of hedge trimmers to offer, from traditional petrol hedge trimmers to battery powered trimmers, as well as pole hedge trimmers and combi trimmer alternatives.