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Chainsaw safety features

A modern chainsaw must be fitted with the following safety features:

  1. Kickback Guard and Chain Brake: The chain brake is designed to be activated in two ways. Or three, if the saw is fitted with TrioBrake™:
    A. If your left wrist forces the kickback guard forwards, the chain brake will activate.
    B. Following kickback the chain brake will trigger from the inertial forces generated.
    C. With TrioBrake™: If your right wrist lifts the guard on the rear handle, the chain brake will activate
  2. Throttle Lock: The throttle lock is designed to prevent accidental throttle advance. The throttle will only work if the lock is pressed in, i.e. if you hold the saw’s rear handle with a firm grip while accelerating.
  3. Chain Catcher: The chain catcher is designed to catch the chain, if the chain should break or derail.
  4. Right-Hand Guard: The right-hand guard is designed to protect the user’s hand, if the chain should break or derail.
  5. Easy Accessible Stop Control: The stop control must be placed where it is easy to access on the saw so that the engine can be stopped quickly in a critical situation.

Saw chain and guide bar with a reduced risk of kickback

Some saw models can be fitted with a chainsaw chain with reduced kickback. The chain has protective links between the cutting teeth and the guide bar has a nose radius that is less than the guide bar you normally use. Overall, this means that the saw is much less susceptible to kickback. The chain’s cutting capacity is reduced slightly, which means you need a greater feed pressure.

Regular inspection

Remember to regularly inspect the safety features on the saw and always make sure you have a sharp and properly filed chain! If the safety features do not function properly, contact your nearest dealer.

A cleaner working and local environment

Technological developments are resulting in ever cleaner, more effective and more fuel-efficient internal combustion engines. The chainsaw’s two-stroke engine is no exception. Having a clean and healthy working and local environment is important to everyone, including those who use chainsaws in their daily work. X-Torq, which is Husqvarna’s new technology for two-stroke engines, reduces exhaust emissions by up to 75% and lowers fuel consumption by up to 20% compared to earlier engine generations.

Alkylate petrol and vegetable chain oil

By using alkylate petrol, such as Aspen, you can lower the amount of harmful emissions from your chainsaw. There are also vegetable chain oils that are biodegradable and therefore significantly more environmentally friendly than conventional oils. Using a petrol/oil can with top-up protection prevents unnecessary waste being released into the open.