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Battery vs. Petrol Leaf Blower – Which is Right for Your Needs?

Not sure whether to choose a petrol or battery powered leaf blower? This blog post explains the differences and benefits of each, so you can find the Husqvarna leaf blower that's right for your needs.

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At Husqvarna we have a broad selection of leaf blowers for all types of tasks, whether you're a professional in need of a backpack leaf blower for heavy-duty jobs, or a homeowner who requires a garden leaf blower to keep your lawn in its best shape. And to give you even more choice, with our leaf blowers you can choose from two different types of power - petrol, or battery.

Whether you choose a petrol leaf blower or opt for a cordless leaf blower instead, you're guaranteed the exceptional power that you would expect from Husqvarna. But your choice of power source may be influenced by the jobs you need your leaf blower to do, so we'll help you understand the differences.

What are leaf blowers used for?

As their name suggests, leaf blowers are primarily used for clearing up large quantities of fallen leaves, but you can use your Husqvarna leaf blower for many other useful indoor and outdoor tasks too.

They can be used to clear cut grass, hedge or tree trimmings; clear litter after large events; dry wet pavements; clear snow from pavements or from around cars; clear dust and debris from inside sheds and garages; and in the case of the Husqvarna 125BVx leaf blower, which comes with a vac kit attachment, you can even turn your leaf blower into a garden vacuum too. There are so many possible uses for leaf blowers that you may discover ones we haven't even thought of!

What are the differences between petrol and battery leaf blowers?

Petrol Leaf Blowers

Petrol leaf blowers are a popular choice for professionals, as they provide long-lasting, unrelenting power which is crucial when you have a demanding task at hand. Our industrial leaf blowers, including the 350BT, 570BTS and 580BTS, feature extra powerful petrol engines supported by effective air filters that help to extend the life of your leaf blower.

However petrol models are not just for commercial use, as we have garden blowers with petrol power too, including the 125BVx and 125B models. These lightweight leaf blowers are ideal for homeowners who require extra assistance with all kinds of garden clearing tasks, or who perhaps have a large patch of land that they need to keep tidy.

When you purchase a petrol leaf blower you will need to ensure that you keep a supply of mixed petrol (50:1) at hand so that your leaf blower is ready to use right when you need it. You may also wish to consider the environment in which you will be using your blower, as petrol leaf blowers tend to emit a greater volume level than their battery powered counterparts.

Battery Leaf Blowers

Battery powered cordless leaf blowers are often considered to be less powerful than those that are powered by petrol, but the Husqvarna 550iBTX battery leaf blower is the exception. This professional blower features innovative battery technology to make it just as powerful as many of our petrol machines, plus you can enjoy the added benefit of a low noise level which is ideal for working in public places, and of course the reduced impact on the environment.

If you will need to use your rechargeable blower for an extended period of time, or you will not have access to a power outlet, you may wish to consider purchasing an additional battery for long periods of operation or a backpack battery for your battery blower. Alternatively, you may find that a petrol machine is more suitable for your demands.

Which will you choose?

With every Husqvarna leaf blower, you'll enjoy perfect balance, an instant start, cruise control capabilities, and boost power mode to deliver extra performance right when you need it. So whether you decide to purchase a battery leaf blower or petrol leaf blower, you can guarantee that it will be a pleasure to use.