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Words from the Automower® Challenge participants 2016

The UK’s first and biggest robotic lawn mower giveaway, the Automower® Challenge is over for this season and Husqvarna have received positive response from the participants. Read more below from the participants of this year’s challenge. Enjoy!

"When I first saw the Automower® 450X, next to the size of the ride-on, I doubted Husqvarna's claims of its capability - I couldn't have been proven more wrong. Thanks to the Automower® I've saved countless hours and the lawn has always been immaculately maintained. It's quiet, requires minimal maintenance (just swapping the blades now and then), and uses next to no power. I'm very impressed overall and wouldn't want to go back to not having the Automower®. I recognise they are quite expensive, particularly the larger models, but have a far lower operating cost than the normal mower. But, they also give you what money can't buy - time." 
— Ross, Inverness

"The Automower® is a busy family's best friend. It's been so much help to us it's become part of our family. There is no way we could be without it now, the time it saves us is amazing and it's given us the most perfect preened lawn."
— Gail, Aberdeenshire

 "Our lawn looks amazing. We had what we could only describe as a rubbly weedy field at the start of the challenge and now we have a lush green lawn! We absolutely love our wee hoodles and tell anyone that's willing to listen how wonderful it is. We've also recently bought a battery Husqvarna strimmer which I also rave about - finally a job I can do too!! Honestly, it's been a pleasure being part of this challenge and I would like to see the group continuing so we can share next year’s results too!!"
— Morven, Huntly 

 "The Automower® 430X has transformed our lawn, ensuring that grass is always cut and tidy with very little maintenance and such a low running cost when compared with the equivalent ride on (almost £200/year saving). It still continues to amaze us how such a small machine can keep such a large area trimmed and tidy for such little cost and regardless of weather conditions." 
— James, East Yorkshire 

"I originally thought that the Automower® was a nice to have gadget, I was wrong! The 430X is an amazing machine that has transformed by countryside back yard into a beautiful lawn. It has given me many hours of my week back, and has been an amazing tool!" 
— Cian O Driscoll, Kerry

 "I knew about the Automower® before the challenge but dismissed it as a gimmick. When I received the Automower® and saw it work for the first time I was very sceptical, having used a variety of mowers over the years I thought this will not work. How wrong could I have been. One of the big things for me is weather because we have very soft wet patches that just chew up when it rains but the auto mower copes admirably without causing damage, it also has changed the lawn for the better killing off weeds and moss. I am now an Automower® convert and would highly recommend any one looking to buy a mower to seriously look at the Automower®. My final comment is I am now freed up by several hours a week as the lawns don't need cutting by me Thank you again Husqvarna." 
— Stephen Lee, Leeds

 "The best thing about this neat piece of engineering is that we no longer have to think about the lawn. It is always looking just thinking when are we are going to fit 2 hours of mowing into the weekend, or is it too wet to cut the grass or having that sinking feeling on arriving back home after a week away and seeing an overgrown garden...the Automower® 430X is always quietly working away in the background rain or shine. It is so impressive our local Greensleeves Lawncare franchisee has just bought one and is telling all his customers!" 
— Georgie Wooler, Bristol

 "I would never have purchased an Automower® before we took on the challenge. Now I can comfortably say I wouldn't be without it. I would never have believed that such a small machine would have such a big impact on the quality of our lawn or that it would be so easy to use and maintain. The biggest selling point for me is the fact that you don't just buy an Automower®, you buy back time. I have an extra two hours every single week now to spend with my children or to do the things I want to rather than cutting the grass! It has literally changed our lives! Thank you Husqvarna." 
— Stephen Gordon, Northern Ireland

 "The Automower® is just amazing. No longer do we have to spend hours cutting the lawn- our 430X frees up all that time- with better results than we could ever have hope to achieve. We have less weeds than before and it is cheaper to run and maintain than the ride on that we previously thought was great! Our garden has never looked as good. Best thing we ever got!" 
— Oonagh Latchford, Wexford

 "We love our Automower®, mowing the lawn was always a chore but now it is just so easy. The grass looks fantastic, there are no grass cuttings to move and it means we can spend more time on our bikes at weekends without rushing back to cut the grass." 
— Cath Joyce, Preston

Automower Challenge is back 2017. Application open from 13th January to 28th Februrary. 

Husqvarna Automower® Challenge!

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