Words from a professional: chainsaw safety

Sarah Kandel wanted to work with flowers, but coincidences led her into forestry at the age of seventeen. Today, she works as an Environmental operator at the Nature and wood administration in Luxembourg. We’ve talked to her about chainsaw safety.

How come you got into working with chainsaws?

“I actually wanted to become a florist, but the flower arrangement course was full. I couldn’t go home to my parents and tell them that I wasn’t going to educate myself at all, so when the career adviser at school suggested a forestry course I jumped to the opportunity. I had no idea what to expect, but the education just became more fun as it went along. It turned out that I had a talent for working with chainsaws and my teacher asked me to participate in the European Championship in Forestry Skills already during my first year. Today, I’m very happy with my choice of profession.”

What do you do on a regular day at work?

“My job tasks vary from day to day and consist of everything from planning and doing forest activities and courses with school children, to conducting chainsaw training. I love the versatility of my profession and consider it my dream job.”

What does chainsaw safety mean to you?

“Since I take part in plenty of forestry competitions where there’s a lot of focus on safety, I always stay updated on new requirements and protective equipment. I gather a lot of knowledge from other contestants who bring along experience from all over the world.”

What kind of safety measures do you take when working in the forest?

“It’s mandatory for me to bring my protective clothing, to ensure that my wood cutting tools are working well, to be healthy and to be informed of the weather conditions. For example, I can’t work in the forest when there is too much wind.”

How do you make sure that you’re always properly equipped?

“I always bring my first class protective equipment: chainsaw boots, protective trousers, fluorescent coloured jacket, gloves and a helmet with hearing protection and visor. And I always read up on the latest rules and legislations.”1

What are your best safety tips for people who use chainsaws?

“Make sure you use a chainsaw that’s adapted to your line of work. Always respect the safety regulations that apply where you live. Always bring your complete set of safety equipment and make sure that it’s correctly maintained. Don’t forget to take weather conditions into consideration. Never work alone with a chainsaw and never let work become routine.”

Safety tips when working with chainsaws

  • Always make sure the following safety features on your chainsaw works properly and isn’t damaged before using it:
    • Chain brake
    • Throttle lock
    • Chain catcher
    • Stop switch
  • Invest in a chainsaw with TrioBrake. It helps you work in a safer, more ergonomic and efficient way.
  • Always bring along a first aid kit and a mobile phone.
  • Avoid working alone!

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