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  • Working with chainsaws part 1

    The Escape Path When Felling a Tree

    The escape path is your lifeline. When the tree starts to fall, you need to quickly move to safety.

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    Avoid lone working

    Avoid working alone! If there are two or more of you, you can help each other if something were to happen. The minimum requirements on the occasions where you are working alone:

  • Technical Extreme

    Chainsaw safety inspection and service

    You should service your chainsaw regularly to maintain the saw's functions and efficiency. You can do a basic service yourself according to the service points below. The safety features should be checked at each use (points 1–5).

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    What is TrioBrake?

    TrioBrake™ is a safety system for Husqvarna chainsaws, where the chain brake can be activated in a third way – with your right hand – besides the two customary ways, i.e. with the left wrist and through the inertia function.

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    The toolkit of a forester

    What does a forester take to the woods? What equipment improves your work and keeps you protected? This is Husqvarna’s take on what should go in every forester’s toolkit.

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    Words from a professional: chainsaw safety

    Sarah Kandel wanted to work with flowers, but coincidences led her into forestry at the age of seventeen. Today, she works as an Environmental operator at the Nature and wood administration in Luxembourg. We’ve talked to her about chainsaw safety.

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    Stay safe and warm – the chainsaw accessories you need to get started

    When it comes to safety clothing and equipment, different rules and regulations apply in different countries. But no matter where you are, this list of items will enhance your safety when working with chainsaws.

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    Chainsaw safety requirements

    Working with chainsaws can be a dangerous business. But if you follow a few basic recommendations, you’ll be able to get rid of any worries and concentrate fully on the task ahead.