Pole Saw Bars

Special bars


Product variant

Charger QC250
Fits to model
Husqvarna Combi Switch + Edger 330iKE (battery and charger included)
Husqvarna 330iK (tool only)
Husqvarna Combi Switch + Pole Saw 330iKP (battery and charger included)
Husqvarna Combi Switch + String Trimmer 330iKL (battery and charger included)
Charger QC250
Art no:
Battery 40-B140
Art no: 970 45 72‑02
Bar type
Sprocket nose
Nose type
Bar mount type
What's included
Special bars - 578 40 01‑56


  • Bar length (inch)
    13 in
  • Nose type
    Sprocket nose

Special bars

Bars for pole saws and other chain saws
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BAR LAM 13 Laminated 13" .325" 1,3mm, Pixel, SM

Art no: 578 40 01‑56

Product Data
BAR LAM 13 Laminated 13" .325" 1,3mm, Pixel, SM
Art no: 578 40 01‑56
Laminated, 15" .325" 1,3mm, Pixel, SM, 64DL
Art no: 578 40 01‑64
Laminated, 18" .325" 1,3mm, Pixel, SM, 72DL
Art no: 578 40 01‑72
Bar length (inch)13 in15 in18 in
Bar length33 cm38 cm45 cm
Chain pitch.325".325".325"
Gauge1.3 mm1.3 mm1.3 mm
Bar typeLaminatedLaminatedLaminated
Nose typeSprocket noseSprocket noseSprocket nose
Bar mount typeHSMHSMHSM
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