Automower® Connect is ready to give you full control

Automower Connect® (with cellular connection) lets you remote control your Automower® and change its settings and schedules from wherever you are. You can keep track of its movements in the map view, check its current status and receive notifications if something happens. And thanks to the GPS tracking, you can see where it is in case of theft.

Many other smart home devices can be integrated with your Automower®. This includes voice-control through Google Home and Amazon Alexa, synchronization with your Gardena irrigation system and use in IFTTT applets.

Automower AIM / Zone Control

Introducing Automower® Intelligent Mapping (AIM) Technology

Innovative lawn care that seamlessly integrates into your garden, and your life. Customised virtual mapping of your lawn allows you to define and name different work areas, adjust time schedules and cutting heights, as well as create stay-out zones to protect your gardening projects. Smart mapping features are easy to use via the Automower® Connect app and are compatible with the Automower® 405X, 415X, 435X AWD and 535 AWD. Effortlessly control your mower in real-time directly from your smartphone and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a perfectly cut lawn.

Bluetooth with 315X (woman)

Bluetooth® or cellular connection

Automower® Connect@Home is the Bluetooth® connection between your Automower® Connect app and your mower. Its effective range is approximately 30 meters and it’s included on all Automower® models (except 105).

Automower® X-Line models have built-in cellular connection, which lets you take part of all the features in Automower® Connect, and you can control it from wherever you are.

How Automower® Connect can upgrade your everyday

Automower Connect Mowing Pause
Messages and useful information
The Automower® Connect app will show you relevant information about your product along with helpful tips and advice. The app also makes it easy to purchase new blades to replace your old ones.
Automower Connect Timer
Change schedules and settings
You can easily change the settings (like cutting height) and the work schedules of your Automower® in Automower® Connect.
Mobile phone with Smart home apps grass background
Ready for smart home integration
Automower® Connect helps you integrate your robotic mower with other devices in your smart home, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
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ifttt Automower Connect Park your mower
Shape your Automower® experience
Match mowing times with ideal weather forecasts, put mower on hold during scheduled garden activities or ask Automower® to notify your neighbour of its current status while you’re on vacation. Several smart IFTTT applets are available in the Automower® Connect app.
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IFTTT Automower Connect In-app
All statistics are easily available
In-depth information about your Automower® is readily available via the app. Get detailed statistics regarding runtime, distances, charging time, performance alerts and more, directly from the mower.