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Connect Automower® to Amazon Alexa

When connected to Amazon Alexa, your Automower® robotic lawn mower becomes a natural part of your morning routine, your kids' after-school activities, your barbecue preparations and many other everyday schedules. It makes your Automower® robotic lawn mower a natural and fully integrated part of your home automation system.

What is required?

All Husqvarna Automower® models* with Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity can be controlled by your Amazon Alexa device. This makes your robotic mower a fully integrated part of your home automation system. Other Automower® models can also become part of your smart home when equipped with an Automower® Connect kit.

Amazon Alexa connection, step by step

To control your Automower® robotic lawn mower with Amazon Alexa you need to link your Automower® Connect account to Amazon Alexa. To enable the Automower skill, follow the instructions below. For more information on how to use Alexa skills, see Amazon Alexa help site.

  1. Create an Automower® Connect account (or use an existing Automower® Connect account) and pair it with the Automower® robotic lawn mower that you are using.
  2. Download the Amazon Alexa app from App Store or Google Play.
  3. Create an Amazon account or use an existing account. A free account is enough.
  4. Set up your Alexa device and make sure that your Wi-Fi is reliable.
  5. Open the Amazon Alexa app, tap More > Skills & Games. Tap the search icon, type "Automower" and tap Search > Automower > Launch.
  6. Fill out the credentials for your Automower® Connect account and tap Sign in.
  7. Tap Authorise.
  8. Give Alexa the permissions you want and tap Save permissions.
  9. Tap Discover devices to allow Alexa to add your mower to your list of smart home devices.
  10. Tap Close.

Now your Amazon Alexa account is linked to your Automower® Connect account and you can start using Alexa to control your mowers.

You will find your mowers in the Alexa app under Devices > All devices and Devices > Vacuum Cleaners (currently, there is no specific category for robotic lawn mowers).

For information on which voice commands to use, see How to talk to Alexa to control your Automower® robotic mower.

FAQ: Husqvarna Automower® and Smart Home Integration