Automower 305 and Google home
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Add an Automower® robotic lawn mower to Google Home

When added to Google Home, your Automower® robotic lawn mower becomes a natural part of your morning routine, your kids' after-school activities, your barbecue preparations and many other everyday schedules.

What is required?

A Husqvarna Automower® X-line model* or an Automower® Connect kit.

All Husqvarna Automower® X-line models* can be controlled by Google Assistant. This makes your robotic mower a natural and fully integrated part of your home automation system. Standard Automower® models can also become part of your smart home when equipped with an Automower® Connect kit.


To control your Automower® robotic lawn mower with Google Assistant, you first need to add it as a device to your Google Home app.

  1. Make sure that your Google Home is set up correctly.
  2. In the Google Home app, tap the plus icon (+).
  3. Select Set up device.
  4. Select Works with Google and then search for Husqvarna Automower® in the list of available services.
  5. If the Automower® Connect app is installed and you are logged into the app on your device, just select Authorise to give Google access to your Automower® Connect account. If you are not already logged in, you will first be asked to log in to your Automower® Connect account.

When you have logged in, any mowers in your Automower® Connect account are now a part of your Google Home devices and can be controlled by Google Assistant.

For information on which voice commands to use, see How to control your Automower® robotic lawn mower with Google Assistant.

*To add an Automower® 330X model, you will also need to install an Automower® Connect kit.