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4 Things to consider when buying a lawn mower in 2023

Looking to buy a lawn mower? Here are a few things to keep in mind that helps you choose the best lawn mower.

Do you have a small, large, simple or complex garden? The type of lawn and how often you mow it determine what to look for when it comes to cutting methods, maneuverability and smart features.

Mowing with rear and side discharge

Are you dealing with a lawn that is seldom cut? Rear and side discharge can handle taller, wilder and coarser grass to get the job done.

Mulching naturally fertilises your lawn

The BioClip® (mulching) method is ideal if you mow your lawn often and want first-rate results. The finely chopped grass cuttings will quickly decompose and then return to the lawn as fertiliser, making it more drought-resistant as well. Looking for a mulching kit? See our full range of lawn mower parts.

Choosing a lawn mower with collection bag

Lawn mowers with collection bag enables tidy results and saves time since you don't need to rake clippings after you've finished mowing. In the autumn you can choose to use these collection bags for leaves. This is also a good way to avoid allergic reactions to grass and reduce the spreading of weed seeds. You can also add the collected grass clippings to your compost to increase the health of your compost mix.

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Additional information to help you find the best type of lawn mower for your needs 

  1. Decide the width of the cutting deck based on your lawn’s size:
    • less or equal to 46cm = up to 500 sqm
    • 47-50cm = 500-800 sqm
    • 51cm + = >800 sqm
  2. If you have a medium- to large-sized lawn or if it is a little more complex, it is recommended that you buy a self-propelled lawn mower.
  3. If your lawn is compact, you might want to consider a manual cylinder lawn mower that is free from direct emissions and saves making noise for your neighbours.
  4. If you aren’t certain which cutting method suits your lawn, you don’t need to make a choice. You can pick a lawn mower that utilizes several cutting methods such as a collection bag and an add-on mulching kit.