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A blue flashing light has two potential causes. First, check the connections to the charging station and ensure they aren't loose. If still flashing blue after this step, you have a broken boundary wire. Walk the perimeter of the boundary wire to locate the break and repair. For help repairing a broken boundary wire, click here.

The spiral cutting setting is most likely enabled. When Automower® detects taller grass than average, it will work in a systematic spiral pattern to correct the height.

The weather timer measures blade motor resistance based on the rate at which your grass grows seasonally. If the mower doesn't detect grass that needs cutting, it will park itself.

Automower® must be fully charged to leave the charging station. If Automower® is fully charged and not mowing, it is related to your mowing schedule. Your programmed operating schedule can be found in the Automower® Connect app.

It is recommended to replace your blades every 2 months for optimal mowing results and low energy usage. This can vary dependent on grass type and yard size. Note: All blades and screws should be replaced simultaneously to obtain a balanced cutting system. Need blades? Click here to purchase.

Automower® is low-maitenance, but replacing worn or damaged parts is recommended for optimal results and safety reasons. Blades and screws must be replaced on a regular basis. Keep the under side of the Automower® free of grass clippings and debris.

No light means there is no power to the charging station. First, check that the power supply is plugged into a working 110V outlet. Next, check that the other end of the power supply is plugged into the low voltage cable, and the low voltage cable is plugged into the charging station. 

You may have a break in the boundary wire. Check the light in the charging station. If flashing blue, you have a break in the boundary wire.

Yes, this can be modified in the Accessories Setting menu on the Automower®, or in your Automower® Connect app.

Yes, Automower® works independent of the Automower® Connect app and can be controlled using the menu on Automower®.

Contact Automower® Support at 833-991-ROBO M-F 9am-6pm EST, Sat 10am-2pm EST.

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Call 833-911-ROBO from M-F 9am-6pm EST, Sat 10am-2pm EST.