What’s new in the latest firmware update for Automower® 405X and 415X?

By regularly updating the firmware, you help keep your Automower® robotic lawn mower in good condition and get access to new features and enhancements released by Husqvarna.

Below you can see the release notes of the latest firmware updates for the following Automower® models:

  • 405X
  • 415X

Learn how to update the firmware of your Automower® robotic lawn mower using FOTA

Firmware version: 5995776-15A_P16-SwPkg_54.2

Released 2024-02

New features

  • Added features to the dealer service tool.
  • Improved behaviour when following the guide wire.
  • Fixes to improve information shown on the mower display.
  • Improved AIM area coverage and AIM-related stops.

Firmware version: 5995776-14A_P16-SwPkg_47.21

Released 2023-11


  • Improved robustness.
  • Added support for service tool.

Firmware version: 5995776-13A_P16-SwPkg_47.19

Released 2023-09


  • Improved mower behaviour.
  • Improved robustness.
  • Added support for service tool.

Firmware version: 5995776-12D_P16-SwPkg_47.11

Released 2023-03

New features

  • Support for FlexiFence accessory.


  • Fix to improve the accuracy of AIM Technology.
  • Fix to improve GPS-assisted navigation.
  • Fix to improve stability during firmware update.
  • Fix to improve mower behaviour and display messaging.
  • Support for additional languages.

Firmware version: 5995776-11A_P16-SwPkg_22-5.30

Released 2022-08


  • Fix to improve collision detection to avoid triggering false collisions.

Firmware version: 5995776-10A_P16-SwPkg_22-5.28

Released 2022-06


  • Fix for an issue within AIM Technology.
  • Fix for an issue with dealer service support.
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