Tips to prevent wire break in an Automower® installation

Here are some tips and reminders to help you prevent wire damage when installing and using your Automower® robotic lawn mower.

Mow the lawn before wire installation with stakes

If you install the boundary wire or the guide wire with stakes, it is recommended that you mow the lawn before laying the wire. Long grass may cause the wire to be lifted and damaged by the robotic lawn mower.

Adjust the cutting height

The wire will become completely overgrown after a few months, but to reduce the risk of wire damage, you can start with the highest cutting height setting on the robotic lawn mower. Then gradually lower it by one step every week during the first 6–8 weeksuntil your preferred cutting height has been reached.

Check for uneven areas in the lawn

Ensure that the wire is tightly secured to the ground to prevent the mower from getting stuck and damaged. Check for uneven areas in the lawn that may lift the wire and use extra stakes to fix the wire to the ground.

Avoid sharp bends

Avoid sharp bends in the wire, as they can cause stress and lead to damage.

Check areas with soft or hard terrain

Soft and mossy areas in the lawn, as well as dry and compact soil, may cause the stakes to rise over time. Check and push the stakes down into the ground periodically to keep the wire flat.

Clear the lawn of debris

Remove rocks and sharp objects from the ground that may break the wire over time.

Regularly check the wire installation

Regularly inspect the wire installation, especially before starting your Automower® robotic lawn mower after the winter break. Ensure that stakes are placed deep in the ground and check the wire for visible damage.

Bury the wire

If you decide to bury the wire, you can make a slit in the lawn using a spade. Place the boundary wire or the guide wire 1–20 cm (3/8–8 in) into the ground. This option is recommended if your lawn is uneven, or if you want to hide the wire.

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