Destination not reachable — Automower® with EPOS™ Technology error message

The message Destination not reachable may indicate issues with the creation of transport paths or stay-out zones.

Common causes:

  • A stay-out zone is preventing the mower from reaching a section of the work area. Ensure that no work area is located behind a stay-out zone and making it unreachable for the mower.
  • The creation of a stay-out zone has resulted in a passage that is too narrow for the mower. Passages must be a minimum of 1 m/3.3 ft wide.
  • A stay-out zone overlaps with a transport path and prevents the mower from following the transport path. Ensure that stay-out zones and transport paths do not overlap.
  • The final waypoint of the transport path is placed between the charging station and the docking point. The mower therefore cannot reach the charging station. Ensure that the last waypoint is placed in front of the docking point, creating a straight line for the mower to enter the charging station.
  • The corridor width for the transport path is less than 2 m/7 ft. Depending on the shape or design of the lawn, a transport path narrower than 2 m/7 ft may prevent the mower from following the transport path and reaching its destination. Set the corridor width for the transport path to a minimum of 2–5 m/7–16 ft.


  • Transport paths have to be created, starting from the work area in the direction of the charging station docking point.
  • A separate transport path has to be created for each work area. One transport path connecting different work areas will not work.

Find more details about these issues and solutions in the Product Assistant.

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