Can I use my Automower® robotic lawn mower at two different locations?

Multiple installations for separate lawns

You can use the same Automower® robotic lawn mower in up to three different installations. It is most convenient if your Automower® model supports using profiles. Profiles are used to save product settings related to different charging stations and work areas.

If you, for example, want to use the same Automower® robotic lawn mower at home and at your summer house, you need to have one charging station at home and one at your summer house and make a boundary wire installation on each location, as in the below illustration.

Then you can easily set up two profiles in the mower menu and switch between those when you move your mower between the two locations.

Automower installation with two charging stations

How to set up and activate mower profiles

Exactly how a profile is added, edited and activated, depends on which mower model you have, but generally you navigate to Settings > Profiles in the mower menu and make the settings from there. For detailed information, see the Operator’s Manual for your Automower® robotic lawn mower.

One installation for geographically close lawns

If the lawns are geographically close, for example if you want to share an Automower® robotic lawn mower with your closest neighbor or if a part of your lawn is close to, but not directly adjoined to, the rest of your lawn, you can make one of the locations into a secondary area. Then you only need to make one installation – with one charging station and one boundary wire, as in the below illustration. Remember, however, that the recommended maximum length of the boundary wire is 800 m.

As there is no passage between the two areas in this type of installation, you will have to move the mower manually between them and select Secondary area when starting the mower.

Automower installation with secondary area

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