Using Apple Watch with your Automower® robotic mower

With the Automower® Connect Apple Watch app you always have the status of your Automower® robotic mower at an arms reach – no matter where you are.

The Automower® Connect Apple Watch app contains the most essential functionalities of the Automower® Connect app. It enables you to quickly start, park, stop and check the status of your robotic mower, right from your wrist. If you are in the supermarket and your daughter wants to let the dog out into the garden, she won’t have to wait until you get home. Simply stop your mower with a command from your Apple Watch. There’s also a glance feature, giving you access to the status of your mower with a simple swipe on the watch face.


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Which mowers can be used with the Apple Watch app?

The Automower® Connect Apple Watch app is available for all X-line mowers* and mowers with a Connect module (SIM card). Contact your local dealer if your mower does not have a Connect module and you want to install one.


Connecting your Apple Watch to Automower® Connect

To use the Automower® Connect Apple Watch app, you will first need to install and log in to the Automower® Connect app on your phone and pair your mower to the Automower® Connect app. For more information on how to do this, see Connecting your smartphone to your Automower® robotic mower.

If the Automower® Connect Apple Watch app is not already installed on your watch, you need to search for and download the Automower® Connect Apple Watch app on App store. For information on how to download an Apple Watch app, see Install apps on your Apple Watch


Using the Automower® Connect Apple Watch app

There is no configuration needed to start using the Automower® Connect Apple Watch app.

Your watch will display live mower data and notifications and enable you to control your mower out of the box, provided that the following conditions are met:

  • You are within Bluetooth range from your phone.
  • The Automower® Connect app is open in your phone (it does not have to be in the foreground, however).
  • You are logged in to your Automower® Connect account.
  • A supported mower has been selected under My mowers in the Automower® Connect app on your phone. 

If you want to change to another mower, you have to select the new mower under My Mowers in the Automower® Connect app on your phone.



If the conditions in the list above are not met, the status of the Automower® Connect Apple Watch app will be Disconnected. This means that you will not be able to control you mower using your watch, and the data displayed will be the from the last active connection to the Automower® Connect app on your phone.


*To connect to an Automower® 330X model you will also need to install an Automower® Connect module.

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